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    TOPFRAME is a leading manufacturer and supplier of light gauge steel framing and trussing, or LGS as it is commonly known. TOPFRAME products are made from cold-formed steel, which gives it a durability and versatility when compared to traditional materials.

    With TOPFRAME, you can turn architectural inspiration into reality much faster and more cost effectively than ever before. It’s a fully sustainable building process that incorporates the intelligence of FrameCAD software and FrameCAD manufacturing solutions, complemented with various local and international building products and building hardware.

    Being part of the T&C group of companies, TOPFRAME is dedicated to contributing to the future of our country, as well as on a global level, to manufacture products that are environmentally-friendly and that are conducive to preserving our natural resources. Our facilities have direct access to world-leading technologies which are constantly innovating to focus on the sustainable design and life-cycle approach for each and every product that we manufacture. In this way, we are constantly living out our commitment to ‘Creating Dream Lifestyles with Creative Solutions’.